Sports Hall

Our Main Hall is used for sporting activities only such as badminton, table tennis and five-a-side football.

3 full sized badminton courts, each of which can host a different activity or combined to give ample space for group activities including 5-A-Side, Zumba, Keep Fit and Circuit Training etc.

Each court can be partitioned off with a curtain to provide a visual barrier from the adjacent court.

Wifi is provided in the Sports Hall, providing access to the internet for music etc.

NB. We do not allow bubble machines or smoke machines in the Sports Hall as they leave the floor slippery and set off our fire alarm respectively.

Price (per hour)
Badminton (per court)£10
Table Tennis (per table per hour)£10
Football (whole hall)£30

This hall measures 26m x 16.5m (85ft x 54ft).