Quiz League Update

The Round 9 winners are The MGB's with 95pts, taking them to 1034 this season...

Almost caught by Who Knows with 92 pts !!!

Click here for a full breakdown...

Sports Hall

Our Main Hall is used for sporting activities only such as badminton, table tennis and five-a-side football.

3 full sized badminton courts, each of which can host a different activity or combined to give ample space for group activities including 5-A-Side, Zumba, Keep Fit and Circuit Training etc.

Each court can be partitioned off with a curtain to provide a visual barrier from the adjacent court.

Price (per hour)
Badminton (per court)£10.50
Table Tennis (per table per hour)£10.50
Football (whole hall)£31.50

Block bookings under a club name attract a £1 per court discount when booking in advance

This hall measures 26m x 16.5m.

Please Note - Sporting activities are subject to discounts if you have an Association or Group membership. For regular bookings this will save you money in the long term!