Community Gym

If you're looking to join us please complete our Health Questionnaire and supply us with your details.

Joining our Gym couldn't be simpler! Just fill in the above form and come down when you're ready to start.

The cost is £15 per month for unlimited use.

Opening times are 9am to 10pm (last admission) with everyone out by 11pm please.

There will be a charge for having an induction of £15 if you opt for one. But if you've used gyms in the past and are confident you can sign a waiver and start using it immediately.

The gym is equipped with the following items:-

If you're starting in the gym the following quick guides might be of help...

Starting Guide
Exercises for Men
Exercises for Women
Exercises for Weight Loss
Healthy Food Ideas

Quick Weights Conversion lbs(kg)

5(2), 10(5), 15(7), 20(9), 25(11), 30(14), 35(16), 40(18), 45(20), 50(23), 55(25), 60(27), 65(29), 70(32), 75(34), 80(36), 85(39), 90(41), 95(43), 100(45),