Quiz League Update

The Round 9 winners are The MGB's with 95pts, taking them to 1034 this season...

Almost caught by Who Knows with 92 pts !!!

Click here for a full breakdown...

Quiz League Table

PosPtsWinsTeam Name Round 123456789101112
110349The MGBs86949593869099103959895
29720Who Knows77909189878081101919392
39500Pat's Powerhouse7890918283719495859784
68641We Will Rock You8390827094747759838666
98141Us 585888686679377948157
107790Touch of Class6677725366895783647973
117780El Diablos73776976677881788792
126750Haven't Got A Clue68805167547461757471
136340Golden Girls51755550707364636766
146030Just A Guess6573807477866187
165280The Gardeners87708170638176
175170Top Trumps838783877998
184390Ian & Co8092899187
194170Screaming Abdabs668071477182
203930Drunken Monkeys7470868578
222370Family A59567250
231670Never Gonna Quiz You Up8582
241340Down & Outs5282
251310Not A Clue7160
26880Suffolk Drivers88
27820Second Chancers82
29720Dutch Masters72
30700Happy Retirement70
31700Past Steve's Bedtime70
32690Judean People's Front69
33620Double Dutch62
34610Above & Beyond61
35610Pirates 'R' Us61
36610Walk The Plank61
37560Quiz On My Face56
385303 Degrees53
40200The Doblets20

Rules of Play

Every last Friday of the month we hold a general knowledge quiz in the Members Lounge.

Teams of up to 6 people compete to win the coveted LCC Trophy - winners get to take it home and polish it for the rest of the month!

Each month the winner is the team with the highest number of points. At the end of the year there is a prize for the team with the greatest number of points!

For a live update of game play during the quiz click here.

2022 Quiz League Results (PDF 10MB)